Songs for the Eucharist Ancient and New CD

Songs for the Eucharist Ancient and New CD

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Schola Cantorum of Holy Family
Fr. Stephen Concordia - Director/ Producer
Recorded at St. Vincent Archabbey Basilica, Latrobe, PA

Soloist: Grettelyn Nypaver
Organist: Tyler Corey Randolph

The repertoire of Catholic music on this glorious album consists entirely of pieces sung at the Eucharistic liturgy when it is celebrated in the traditional Latin.

1. Invocabit me - Gregorgian introit, Mode VIII
2. Oculi mei - Gregorian intrioit, Mode VII
3. Pater manifesavi - Gregorian office antiphon, Mode VI
4. Laudabo - Gregorgian office antiphon, Mode IV
5. Cum venerit - Gregorgian office antiphon, Mode VIII
6. Cantate dominio - Gregorian office antiphon, Mode II
7. Per illud ave - Josquin des Prez
8. Ego, ego ipse consolabor vos - Ludwig Senfl
9. Benedictus - orlando de Lasso
10. Hear ye, Israel - From Elijah, Op 70, Mendelssohn
11. Kyrie - Messe Basse - Gabriel Faure
12. Sanctus - Messe Basse - Gabriel Faure
13. Benedictus - Messe Basse - Gabriel Faure
14. Agnus Dei - Messe Basse - Gabriel Faure
15. Eucharistica - Pablo Casals
16. Tantum ergo - Georges-Emile Tanguay
17. Ave Maria - Jehan Alain
18. Ego sum panis vivus - Valentino Miserachus Grau

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