Spiritual Handbook for Catholic Evangelists by Dom Chautard

Spiritual Handbook for Catholic Evangelists by Dom Chautard

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How to Win Souls Without Losing Your Own...
Author: Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard, Trappist monk
Softcover - 175pp

From the silence of the monastery comes wise guidance for Christians active in the world!

This powerful Catholic book draws on the timeless teachings of the Saints and Church teaching on how to live an authentic Christian life while living in the world. It's perfect for busy parents, teachers, preachers, catechists and others working to save souls. You'll learn how to avoid pitfalls like self-righteousness and pride that bring down successful apostles. Add to the cart or wish list above.

Some content includes:

- Jesus should be the life of all apostolic works
- Develop an interior life
- Nourishing your own soul that you may nourish others
- Prayer and being a good example
- Daily mental prayer
- St. Alphonsus' prayer for zeal