St Benedict Protection Card

St Benedict Protection Card

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Laminated Holy Card w/St Benedict Medal
3.25" x 2"
Front of card reads:
Medal of Holy Father Benedict May You Help Us With Your Presence
It has proved particularly effective against temptations of evil spirits

Back of card reads:
Medal of St Benedict
On the reverse: the Cross and the inscription's initials
C.S.P.B. The cross of the Holy Father Benedict
C.S.S.M.I. May the Holy Cross be my light
N.D.S.M.D. Let not the dragon be my guide
V.R.S. Be Gone Devil!
N.S.M.V. Don't Persuade me to do Evil....
S.M.Q.L. The cup you offer is evil
I.V.B. Drink the poison yourself

Keep the powerful medal of St. Benedict with you wherever you go with this handy laminated card with silver-tone embedded medal. Add to your cart or wish list above.