St Isidore Statue

St Isidore Statue

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St Isidore Statue
Hand-painted Catholic Statuary

This simple man of faith was one devoted to prayer, hard farm work and labor, and trust that God would take care of the rest. When it was suspected that Isidore was shirking his duties, God provided an angel and oxen to do the ploughing of the fields for him, or sometimes with him! When he brought home hungry neighbors and his wife's stew pot was empty, God provided food for them all. When he passed a flock of hungry pigeons, he spilled a little seed on the ground for them, but still had a full sack when he arrived at market. He is hailed as an example of the dignity of work, and is patron of farmers, agriculture in general, and brick layers.

Measures 12 x 3.5", plaster statue.
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