Star From Afar Game

Star From Afar Game

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Star from Afar Series, Nativity Set* Game and Storybook
Catholic Christmas and Advent Gifts

A perfect Catholic answer to the elf on the shelf. This unique Christmas game features simple, wooden figures that are just right for little hands to handle. Once your Nativity is set up, begin Advent by reading the matching story from the hardcover book. Next, an adult hides the Star and the children participate in hide n seek to find it. When found, move the Magi figures to be with where you hid the Star. Each day, the Star and following Magi move ever closer to Christ. Until on Christmas morning, the Star is placed on the stable, and Jesus and Wise Men arrive together.

Comes with storybook, figures and stable.
Creche measures approx. 9.5 wide x 8 long, with largest piece being the Star at 4.5 x 3.75, with other figures scaled accordingly.
*Stable animals sold separately. See below for link.
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