Taize - Music of Unity and Peace CD

Taize - Music of Unity and Peace CD

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Running time approx. 60 minutes

Taiz is a unique ecumenical monastic order in Burgundy, France, with more than 100 Brothers from 30 different countries. This recording is an extraordinary collection of the most beautiful chants and hymns of the Taiz community, sung by the Brothers, with some guest artists. At the heart of this beautiful music is simplicity, repetition and prayer. It is music to enjoy and share, but also to sing to, and meditate on. 19 hymns in French, English, Italian, Latin. Add to the cart or wish list above.

Track Listing:

1. The Bells of Taiz
2. Veni, Sancte Spiritus
3. Introduction: Seigneur, ouvre mes lvres
4. Bless the Lord
5. Laudate Dominum
6. Rpons: Le Verbe s est fait chair
7. Beati voi poveri
8. Jubilate, coeli
9. Psaume 63
10. Bleibet hier
11. In manus
12. Surrexit Christus tuas, Pater
13. Gospodi pomiluj C
14. Aber du weit den Weg fr mich
15. Cantique de Simon
16. Jsus le Christ
17. De noche iremos
18. Ubi caritas et amor
19. Let all who are thirsty come