Teresa of Avila Pewter Patron Saint Statue

Teresa of Avila Pewter Patron Saint Statue

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St Teresa of Avila Statue
Doctor of the Church
Measures 3.5 "

Made of pewter, comes in deluxe gift box with laminated prayer card.

Less than twenty years before Teresa was born in 1515, Columbus opened up the Western Hemisphere to European colonization. Two years after she was born, Luther started the Protestant Reformation. Out of all of this change came Teresa pointing the way from outer turmoil to inner peace.

Saint Teresa was born in Spain. She loved to read, especially stories about saints. She also played games with her little brother - one of their favorites was playing 'hermit' in the back yard. Teresa was a friendly little girl, who loved people and having friends.

When she was twelve and nearly grown up for those times, her mother died. Her father decided that the best place for Teresa to live was in a nearby convent of Augustinian nuns. Teresa liked living in the convent, it was a happy and peaceful place. She saw that joining