The Anti-Mary Exposed by Carrie Gress

The Anti-Mary Exposed by Carrie Gress

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The Anti-Mary Exposed
Rescuing The Culture From Toxic Femininity 
By Carrie Gress

In this unique Catholic book, the author explores the concept of an anti-Mary spirit that has been influencing people in America since about the 60's, when we saw the rise in the feminist movement. Similar to the familiar anti-Christ, this hater of things Marian wishes to destroy the very concept of true womanhood and erase it from our world. What are this spirit's tools? Abortion and divorce to name two. And of course politics and good old fashioned disagreement is part of it, but what if there is a spiritual warfare element?

Explore topics like:
- How radical feminism is connected to the errors of Russia and the Fatima message.
- The goddess movement and occult practices, how they lead woman astray.
- Are Lilith and Jezebel demons? And what is their influence?
- The repulsive underbelly of radical feminisms chief architects.

And the author gives us the best defense against such a spirit. Mary, herself; the most powerful woman in the world and Queen of Heaven. She who crushes the head of Satan can not only destroy toxic femininity, she can lead women to true faith, showing them by her matchless obedience to God how to be ladies of good character and holy radiance.

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