The Book of Gomorrah

The Book of Gomorrah by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

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And St. Peter Damian's Struggle Against Ecclesiastical Corruption
Author: Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

This powerful Catholic book has recently been translated from the original Latin into English, with copious introductory material, by an erudite Catholic who is faithful to Christ and his Church, Matthew Hoffman. Saint Peter Damian (1007-1072) is the author of the "Book of Gomorrah", which he dedicated to Pope Leo IX. In it he bluntly exposes and energetically condemns the immoral conduct of many Catholics of his time. Lax and poorly educated men, unworthy of their state, had infiltrated both the monasteries and the ranks of the secular clergy.

Concubinage and marriage were common among the secular clergy and, even more sadly, with the approval of the faithful. And, as the saint says, the "cancer of sodomy," including pedophilia, had proliferated, above all in the monasteries. Peter Damian forcefully and fearlessly denounced these evils, threatening the punishments of Hell, and cried out to the pope for a reform that would purify the Church. Peter Damian was most eminent in his day: he was highly educated, a great theologian, bishop, cardinal of the Holy Church, and legate of various Supreme Pontiffs before princes and kings, but above all, he was a saint who contributed to the reform of the Church. Pope Saint Leo IX thanked Saint Peter Damian in a commemoratory letter regarding the Book of Gomorrah and vigorously undertook the reform of the customs of the Church, which, by the acts of this Pontiff and others who followed him, would be raised to its splendor in sanctity and knowledge during the 12th and 13th centuries.

Upon its reading, this book brings us to the realization that a thousand years ago sexual vices were being practiced by various sons of the Church that lamentably are present today and have been the occasion of scandal, discredit, and apostasy. Today, like then, with prayer and the example of the saints, and the firm hand of pastors, the sons of the Church can return to the way of faithfulness in order to fully carry out the mission of being "salt of the earth and the light of the world." Place into the cart or wish list above.