The Case for Jesus by Brant Pitre

The Case for Jesus by Brant Pitre

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The Biblical and Historical Evidence for Christ
Author: Brant Pitre / Afterword by Fr. Robert Barron
Hardcover - 256pp

This book will prove to be a most effective weapon against the debunking and skeptical attitudes toward the Gospels that are so prevalent, not only in academe, but also on the street, among young people who, sadly, are leaving the Churches in droves.

While the Lord Jesus told Thomas, "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe." evidence for His life and divinity are available to the faithful through the scriptures the Gospel writers penned, and various historical accounts. This Catholic book presents a compelling case to put one's trust, belief and faith in the person Jesus of Nazareth. Place into the cart or wish list above.