The Case for Liturgical Restoration by Joseph Shaw

The Case for Liturgical Restoration by Joseph Shaw

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The Case for Liturgical Restoration
Una Voce Studies on the Traditional Latin Mass*

This collection of essays by the Una Voce Federation takes on some of the most discussed questions of today concerning the sacred Liturgy.

- What is the point of the Extraordinary Form?
- What can it contribute to the life of the Church here and now?

This Catholic book also examines the differences between the rites in terms of the laity and their role; topics like active participation, the use of Latin, male-only service of the sanctuary, the calendar, veiling, fasting and so much more. Those who already attend the Tridentine Mass will come to a deeper love of it's structure and logic, and those with questions will have a better understanding of this ancient form of worship.

Softcover, 432 pages
*Edited by Joseph Shaw
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