The Catholic Guide To Loneliness by Kevin Vost, PSY.D.

The Catholic Guide To Loneliness by Kevin Vost, PSY.D.

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The Catholic Guide To Loneliness
How Science and Faith Can Help Us Understand It, Grow From It, and Conquer It
By Kevin Vost

In our age of technology and soundbytes, it can often seem that while we may be surrounded by information, we feel incredibly lonely. In this unique Catholic book, you'll discover several ways in which you can banish loneliness altogether, or at least use the experiences to grow in grace. Rooted in the Scriptures, and supported by modern research, here are some secular and spiritual ways to cope:

- Discover 3 major aspects of loneliness.
- Easy, concrete steps you can take now alleviate it.
- Lessons on how acquire the virtues to immunize you from future bouts of loneliness.
- How to profit spiritually from it when you have to be alone, and so much more!

This author brings you the wisdom of the Bible, the Saints and Christ Himself to help you overcome.
Softcover, 161 pages
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