The Church Ascending by Diane Moczar

The Church Ascending by Diane Moczar

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How Saints and Sinners Brought About the Triumph of Christianity in the West
By Diane Moczar
Softcover - 177 pp

Celebrated author and veteran historian Diane Moczar takes you on a fast-paced and provocative ride through the development of Christian civilization from its emergence within the Roman Empire through its medieval springtime and summer.

Indeed, within five hundred years of Neros persecutions of the first disciples, Christian civilization permeated every aspect of European culture with kings and commoners alike paying allegiance to the Catholic Church.

A master storyteller with an entertaining and evocative style, Dr. Moczar introduces you to the celebrated intellectuals and mystics, the magnificent artists and writers, and the greatest heroes and villains who forever changed Christianity and the West.

Youll also explore the dreadful heresies and sinful practicesboth inside the Church and outthat developed cracks that would become great fissures, leading to the bitter autumn that followed a most glorious age.

Most of all, these pages will increase your love of Godwho is the source of all truththrough a deeper understanding of Catholic history. And they will renew your confidence that the Church is indeed Christ acting in the world and that no matter how many Neros are sent her way by Satan, she will not be defeated but will endure until the end of time. Add this powerful Catholic book to your cart or wish list above.