The Complete Introduction to the Devout Life

The Complete Introduction to the Devout Life

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Of St. Francis de Sales
Translation and Commentary by: Fr John-Julian, OJN
Softcover - 410pp

Introduction to the Devout Life is named one of Top 100 Christian books of all times by Church Times

Praised by a wide-ranging group of enthusiasts, from the novelist Anne Rice to the Catholic theologian Dr. Michael Downey, Fr. John-Julian's powerful translations and significant annotations of the classics are inspiring and challenging.

"Following in the successful path blazed in his treatment of Julian of Norwich, as well as in "The Complete Imitation of Christ", Fr. John-Julian graces us with another of his exceptional writings in "The Complete Introduction to the Devout Life".

"His introduction, translation and commentary of Francis de Sales' classic text works on so many levels. Written with careful scholarship balanced with a prayerful practicality, John-Julian's treatment serves both the scholar of Christian spirituality as much as it resources the person seeking a deeper life in Christ. Not unlike de Sales' own text, though written for the common Christian,' its profound depths are available for those who desire to dive deeper into its riches. A tour de force treatment of an enduring classic, it is bound to become a classic in its own right."
The Rev. Dr. Todd E. Johnson, Theological Director of the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology and the Arts, Fuller Theological Seminary