The Devil in the City of Angels by Jesse Romero

The Devil in the City of Angels by Jesse Romero

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The Devil in the City of Angels
My Encounters with the Diabolical
By Jesse Romero

I went from an indifferent apathetic Sunday Mass attending Catholic Christian to an on fire Catholic Christian in a few short years. What reignited my faith? The many encounters I had with the occult and diabolical. - Jesse Romero.

Being on fire for God should be something that comes from a love of Jesus and the faith. But sometimes, let's be honest, we all need to have our world shaken to motivate us to greater love and devotion. These personal encounters with satanic forces are not here to frighten, but to show the power of God and His Providence, and how He can use even the actions of the Father of Lies to bring about His Kingdom and glory. Hope is only found in Jesus Christ and His Church.

Included are stories like:
- What happened when inmates tried to say, "Jesus is Lord"
- Real stories of diabolic encounters while working for the LA Sheriff's Department.
- How the Rosary drove a demon out of a young man.
- The effect of occult practices and more.

Hardcover, 120 pages
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