The Divine Plan by Paul Kengor

The Divine Plan by Paul Kengor

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The Divine Plan
By Paul Kengor

In the Spring of 1981, two men would be targets of assassination, with the attempts on each life happening only six weeks apart from one another. Who were they? Protestant President of the United States of America Ronald Reagan, and Pope John Paul II, Pope and leader of the Catholic Church. Both survived the bullets, and through this shared near-death experience, a singular bond was formed between these two world leaders. Reagan would refer to this as "the DP" or Divine Plan, and he and John Paul 2 shared a conviction that God had spared each of them for a purpose. What was it? Bring down the evil that is Communism. How did they do it? Discover what it took to end the Cold War in this intense, page-turner of a read.

Hardcover, 288 pages
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