The Dominican Rite by Archdale A King

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History and Liturgy
By: Archdale A King
Softcover - 125pp

The renewal in the Churchs liturgical life effected by Pope Benedict XVIs Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum has generated a great deal of interest, not only in the Traditional Roman Rite in Latin, but also in the revival of other western rites, both of provinces and of Religious Orders.

"The Dominican Rite" is an ancient and venerable rite in the Western Church, and today is gaining renewed interest both from Dominicans attempting to recover their roots, as well as laity taking up the subject of liturgy. This reprint of Archdale A. Kings study of the Dominican Liturgy traces the history and development of the rite, as well as the spirituality and rubrics. May this work assist those looking to recoup the tradition of Catholic worship passed on by the sons of St. Dominic for generations.