The Fragility of Order by George Weigel

The Fragility of Order by George Weigel

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The Fragility of Order
Catholic Reflections on Turbulent Times
By George Weigel

In this Catholic book, discover a collection of essays filled with a profound understanding of Catholic teaching, the Church's position on morality and modernity, and how fragile order can be and what we can do to strengthen society with good ideas rooted in tradition. Archbishop Chaput says Weigel's reflections on Pope Benedict 16ths Regensburg lecture alone make this read worth it.

Also included are:
- The Great War Revisited
- Ten principles for renewing the American debate on morality and foreign policy.
- John Paul II and the renovation of Christian Humanism.
- The global crisis of marriage and more.

Hardcover, 222 pages.
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