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The Great Transformation by Ted Flynn

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Finding Peace of Soul in Troubled Times
Author: Ted Flynn

No one will doubt the world is going through tremendous changes at a speed beyond the control of anyone or any nation. The anxiety and stress in our midst is readily apparent to nearly everyone as the world goes through a GREAT TRANSFORMATION.

We are moving towards a New Springtime, a New Era, and the Second Pentecost. The questions must be asked, What can we expect? What are the events? What are we to do? The Lord in His mercy has given us all the answers we need in Scripture and Tradition for Finding Peace of Soul in Troubled Times. Add to the cart or wish list above.

Read About Life Changing Events:
The Warning & the Great Miracle
The Future of the Church in Great Detail
The Controversy Around the Third Secret of Fatima and the Consecration of Russia
The Hope for Manking -- The Messages of Dvine Mercy
The Healing & Restoration of Families
The Surest and Safest Way to God's Heart in the Lord's Own Words
Where we are to Look for Physical and Spiritual Refuge
Not a Book Just Defining the Problem -- but the Solutions & Answers we Need for Peace of Soul.