The Holy Slavery of the Admirable Mother of God

The Holy Slavery of the Admirable Mother of God

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By: Fr. Henri-Marie Boudon
Softcover - 293 pp

This Catholic book was the favorite Marian book of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort, who said that he had read almost everything about the Blessed Virgin. Boudon was the preferred author of St. Louis-Marie, and without this book we may not have the True Devotion to Mary at all or at least not in its present form. Any book written about the True Devotion can ultimately trace its existence to this work. This book had a decisive and permanent influence on the Saint, and considering its influence on him, Bl. Pope John Paul II and several of his predecessors, it can be called one of the most significant books in the history of Marian spirituality and devotion.

One of St. Louis-Maries biographers, Fr. Jean-Marie Texier, Montfort Father, wrote: Boudon especially saw it as a quick and easy way of arriving at divine union. The writings of this holy priest charmed the fervent seminarian (St. Louis-Marie) in his free time and gave a lively impulse to his momentum toward the good. But none captivated him as much as the Holy Slavery of the Admirable Mother of God. In this work, Boudon shows the origin, excellence, and progress of this holy devotion, discusses the advantages that it procures, the indulgences with which Popes and bishops enriched it; finally, he refutes the objections which can be made against it and points out a multitude of practices in order to sanctify, in the capacity of slaves of Mary, the months, weeks and different days of the year.

It is a rich repertoire from which Montfort drew extensively when he composed his Treatise on the True Devotion. One finds, in effect, in the writings of Montfort, the thoughts of Boudon and sometimes even his expressions. What especially delighted the young levite in this book which is imbued with a sweet piety and a heavenly unction, is the absolute dependence that the author professes in regard to the most lovable of mothers; the happiest state of all, because it allows a slave of Mary to make his life a perpetual holocaust in honor of this divine Mistress.

It would be hard to find a Catholic book that has had more impact on Marian devotion in the history of the Church. Although this book was first published in 1667, this, believe it or not, is the first and only English translation of it. In addition to what has already been mentioned, the reader will discover: Why no one need fear dishonoring God by this devotion How God is the only end of this devotion Why this devotion contains all other devotions Why the devil hates the Rosary Little-known examples from the life of St. John Chrysostom The untold benefits for your spiritual life for having devotion to St. John the Apostle Excellent ways to honor the holy Angels, why it is necessary to have a devotion to them, and the immense benefits of being devout to them A clear explanation of why you need devotion to Mary to overcome the snares of the devil. (It may surprise you.) The doctrine of the Cross explained as perhaps you have never seen it, supported by shining examples Why devotion to St. Joseph, St. Joachim and St. Anne is important, and other saints to whom to be devoted, and how devotion to them will increase your devotion to Mary Why faithfully living devotion to Mary will bring a high place in Heaven Why it is that we can never honor Mary enough A clear explanation of the tricks of the demons and how they use the means we have of overcoming them against us. (Fr. Boudon gives the most assured means of overcoming them, and you will learn what the devil dreads the most.)