The Inner Room CD by John Michael Talbot

The Inner Room CD by John Michael Talbot

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The Inner Room CD
By John Michael Talbot

The heart of the project is Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Using some of his favorite Psalms, and one devotional text from a traditional prayer, the Act of Contrition. The songs take us on a journey beginning with the Sermon on the Mount, to Calvary and the Empty Tomb.

1. The Beatitudes
2. The Light of the World
3. Revive Us
4. The Inner Room
5. Our Father with Doxology
6. My God, My God (Ps. 22)
7. Change My Life (Act of Contrition)
8. One Thing (Ps. 27)
9. Enter the Narrow Gate
10. Go Now in Peace (Simeon's Canticle)

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