The Last Hours of Jesus by Fr Ralph Gorman

The Last Hours of Jesus by Fr Ralph Gorman

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The Last Hours of Jesus From Gethsemane to Golgotha
By Fr Ralph Gorman

While the Gospels give us everything we need to know for salvation as regards the sacred Passion of Christ, this unique Catholic book will also provide you with historical information that will enrich your faith and knowledge of what happened during those final hours. Father touches on first century military and political information, as well as clear depictions of Gospel places based on the author's own residence there for three years. Following a moment by moment account, you'll find details like:

The exact moment Satan entered Judas.
Why Jesus refused to answer many of His accusers.
Details on Pontius Pilate, why he admired Christ, but still condemned Him.
And so much more!

Softcover, 304 pages.
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