The Liberty Threat by James Tonkowich

The Liberty Threat by James Tonkowich

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The Attack on Religious Freedom in America Today
James Tonkowich
Softcover - 125pp

What happened to liberty and justice for all?

Americans are losing what are supposed to be constitutionally promised rights at an alarming pace. The Founding Fathers understood the overriding essentiality of religious practice unimpeded by governmental authority, but time and vast cultural change has eroded this from the consciences of modern politicians. The struggle for the right to worship freely has been present since the time of the Holy Roman Empire.

By looking at how the ancient Christian world relates to the failures of our own Supreme Court, it is possible to see what has lead to so much government interference in personal religious beliefs in the name of equality. As we watch America teeter ever closer to the brink of moral collapse and prejudice towards religion become ever more institutionalized, one question always surfaces: How can we stop this?

In this powerful Catholic book James Tonkowich explores the history of Christian philosophy from the Churchs infancy through the birth of America and how it influenced religious liberty. With powerful examples fresh from todays courts, Tonkowich illustrates just how the rigid separation of Church and state has created a world that is hostile to true faith. The Liberty Threat is both a chilling wake-up call and a clear call to action for Christians everywhere. Add to the cart or wish list above.