The Little Oratory by David Clayton & Leila Marie Lawler

The Little Oratory by David Clayton & Leila Marie Lawler

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A Beginners Guide to Praying in the Home
By David Clayton & Leila Marie Lawler
Illustrations by Deirdre M. Folley
Softcover - 186 pp

*NOTE: Includes 8 full-color icons on paper. (back of book, perforated pages for easy removal)

Keeping a faithful prayer life with your family isn't easy. From herding distracted children to managing the seemingly endless litany of prayers and devotions, our spiritual life all too often feels frantic and burdensome.

This isn't the way it should be. Our prayer life, our family life, and our work life should -- and can! - be in harmony. When they are, our family is a powerhouse of grace, and Our Lord transforms our home into a little Eden -- a little bit of heaven on earth.

With simplicity and holy wisdom, this easy-to-follow and understand Catholic book will show you how to bring peace to your home by integrating your family into a calm, truly joyful way of Mother Church. Her feasts and seasons, prayers and devotions are gifts that draw us closer to God and unfold before us His marvelous plan of salvation. Add it to your cart or wish list above.