The Power of Truth by Gerhard Cardinal Muller

The Power of Truth by Gerhard Cardinal Muller

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The Power of Truth
The Challenges to Catholic Doctrine and Morals Today
By Gerhard Cardinal Muller

In today's world, and even within the Church, there are a lot of doubts and concerns. Some valid from those with wounded souls and trust. Others the same arguments the Church has long ago refuted. In this Catholic book, the author assures us that those in union with God's grace and the Holy Magesterium can know the Truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. These pages will give you the solid teachings and understandings of the timeless Faith.

Topics include:
- The authority of the Church to teach, where does it come from?
- Is there saving truth?
- Who may receive Communion?
- On Marriage and the Civilly remarried.
- Vatican II today and more!

Softcover, 174 pages
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