The Prayer of St Francis

The Prayer of St Francis

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Francis of Assisi
Illustrations by Giuliano Ferri
Brief biography by Elio Sala
Hardcover / 32pp

Although the prayer of St. Francis is widely known and loved by people of all ages, here is a new slant on it-a children's book that brings the prayer to life with tenderness, wonder, and joy. Accompanying each line of the prayer are sweet little animals paired with a wolf that can only be described as gentle and loving. Here is a wolf that is protector and helper to his little forest friends, bringing them light to banish the darkness, joy to counter their sadness, even contemplating the sunset with his arm around his friend the sheep.

A short history of St. Francis and the prayer is included to help readers put it in perspective. Children will be drawn into the warm, whimsical, and charming illustrations that truly make the prayer come alive. And as they read it to and with children, adults will find themselves smiling at and contemplating this book that will remind them of the beauty and simplicity of this prayer. Add to your cart or wish list above.