The Strangers At The Manger by Lisa Hendey

The Strangers At The Manger by Lisa Hendey

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The Strangers At The Manger
Chime Travelers Series, Volume 5

It's Christmas time at St. Anne parish, and a new family has arrived! The Perez family doesnt look like the other families in the parish. As five-year-old Mateo stares at Katie and Patrick, clutching his little stuffed burro, they see he's just puzzled about them. But it's Father Miguel's job to take care of them, right? Just then, a bell rings and the twins are swept up in another Chime Travel adventure, this time to find Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem.

This fresh yet authentic re-telling of the biblical Infancy Narratives sheds new light on the life of the Holy Family. And when at last the Magi arrive, Katie asks Mary, Are you sure you want all of these strangers around the baby?" Mary smiles. "Strangers are simply new friends, just waiting to be loved. Katie and Patrick think of the Perez family. Can they still make new friends for Christmas?

Author: Lisa M Hendey
Illustrated by: Jenn Bower
Softcover, Ages 7-10
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