The Test of the Magi by Johannes Bergmann

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Author: Johnannes Bergmann
Softcover - 254pp

FROM MEDIEVAL MINIATURES TO RENAISSANCE PAINTINGS to modern Christmas cards, few Western images are as evocative and enigmatic as the Three Wise Men at the Nativity. After twenty years of research and travel by the author, this new novel explores why and how these mysterious figures braved such dangers and survived such fearsome challenges that they have endured in our minds and culture for two thousand years.

"The Test of the Magi" reveals the timeless emotional bond between student and teacher, as the Three Wise Men discover a new-born star, survive court intrigue, and then mount an expedition to the Holy Land amid desert bandits in the bitter Cold War between Persia and the Roman Empire. Nothing prepares them for arrest in Jerusalem, their startling discoveries in Bethlehem, or unexpected danger after their return home. Melchior fights for his life, while his niece struggles against bias. King Balthazar dreams of regaining his lost kingdom. And the youngest magus, Caspar, is drawn deeper and deeper into unexpected mystery.

Praise for The Test of the Magi:

Johannes Bergmanns "The Test of the Magi" is a great exemplar of what careful research can yield when applied to familiar scriptural passages. In this case it is the journey of mysterious men from the East, alerted by a new star in the skies, to pay homage to the infant Christ. Told from the point of view of Caspar, student of the eminent Persian astronomer Melchior, this dramatic exegesis of the Epiphany story grips the reader from start to finish.