The Timeless Dominic by Richard T.A. Murphy, O.P.

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A Commentary on the O Lumen
Richard T.A. Murphy, O.P.
Softcover - 89pp

"The Timeless Dominic" sets forth the holiness of Dominic de Guzman, showing how in his dedication to the Truth, his example of patience, his devotion to chastity, and his love of wisdom, this 12th-century mendicant preacher so reflected the radiance of Gods goodness that he merited the title Light of the Church. The life of Dominic, as expressed in the O Lumen, is more than a source of platitudes. It is, in the words of the new Foreword by Sr. Matthew Marie Cummings, O.P., a pattern of life formed by the Gospel for all of us to live our calling faithfully, no matter the state of life. Place this Catholic book into the cart or wish list above.

"O light of the Church, teacher of Truth, rose of patience, ivory of chastity. You freely poured forth the waters of wisdom. Preacher of grace, unite us with the the blessed."