The Ultimate Catholic Quiz by Karl Keating

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100 Questions Most Catholics Can't Answer
Author: Karl Keating
Softcover - 210pp

This Catholic book offers a fun and challenging way to see how well you know Catholic teachings, practices, and history. Karl Keating, best-selling author and founder of Catholic Answers, presents a multiple-choice quiz with 100 questions about a wide variety of subjects connected with Catholicism.

Each of the 100 intriguing questions gives five possible answers. Only one of the answers is completely correct. The book is laid out in an easy-to-read format with the question and five possible answers on one page, and the analysis of each of the five answers, noting the correct one, on the next page. The questions, and the possible answers, are written with thought, precision, and sometimes a little humor to make for engaging reading.

The quiz does not pretend to be comprehensive, but the questions cover multiple areasdoctrines, morals, and customs, as well as historical events and personalities and should provide your mind and soul with a good workout. This book will be useful for individual or group study. Place into the cart or wish list above.