The Virtues of Mary by Fr Luigi Lanzoni

The Virtues of Mary by Fr Luigi Lanzoni

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Academy of the Immaculate
Author: Fr Luigi Lanzoni

Over the past century or so, we have become accustomed to biographies of Our Lady which approximate, as much as possible, the hagiographical bias of our times: to stress what Mary has in common with the ordinary person rather than what makes her unique as a person: her all-holiness, her all-blessedness. This is exactly the point of reference for the ancient biographies of Mary, to illustrate her virtues above all. When we imitate Marys virtues we become holy like her. Add to the cart or wish list above.

You will learn:

- The virtues of Mary in her relationship to God: faith, hope, charity, conformity to Gods will, prayer and zeal.
- Marys virtues in relationship to her neighbor: humility, love for the Church, compassion, etc.
- Her virtues in relationship to herself: justice, simplicity, prudence, poverty, etc.

This Catholic book is good for:
- Spiritual and faith formation of prayer groups
- Practical instruction on Mary in parishes
- Spiritual reading for novenas and feasts
- Personal growth in holiness in imitation of Mary