The Way to Our Heavenly Father by G John Champoux

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A Contemplative Telling of the Lord's Prayer
By: G. John Champoux
Softcover - 576pp

"OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN. . . ." Two thousand years have elapsed since these words were first spoken from the Mount of the Beatitudes overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Since that time countless sermons and commentaries have echoed these words, as does this book but with a difference. The commandments, the Divine Liturgy, the virtues, the Gospels, and then the Apocalypse and the Psalms are all taken in turn and formed into verbal icons. Intricately woven like the knots of a prayer-rope, this book tells the full reach of Christian experience. This is an eminently practical book to be not so much quoted as lived, a modern quest for the heart of Scripture. Place into the cart or wish list above.

Praise for The Way to Our Heavenly Father:
In The Way to Our Heavenly Father, G. John Champoux has given us a great gift, a profound and wide-ranging meditation on the Lords Prayer, illuminated by scriptural, liturgical, ascetical and theological texts, chosen and assembled with devotion and discernment, that constitutes in toto a serious guide to the life-long ascent toward God. Its hard to imagine anyone reading this book carefullyor even dipping into it casuallywithout coming across a passage that will magnify understanding, inspire hope, and deepen faith. A splendid achievement! - Philip Zaleski