The Young Man's Guide by Rev Francis Xavier Lasance

The Young Man's Guide by Rev Francis Xavier Lasance

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Counsels, Reflections and Prayers for Catholic Young Men
by Rev. Francis Xavier Lasance
Softcover / 458pp

In "The Young Man's Guide" we see life as warfare; thus those who would conquer must be prepared, as were the knights of old. The implements of battle are the young man's virtues, and the fight will determine not only the character of the man he will become, but the crown he may win in the hereafter. Add to the cart or wish list above.

The original guide doubled as a prayerbook, including numerous devotions, litanies, and even a Latin Missal; (the missal is not included in this edition) however, this edition omits most of these prayers, retaining only a selection of the most important, as well as the original section on preparation for Confession. Because of these omissions, this volume is considered abridged; however, all of the material contained in this edition remains unchanged and unabridged based on the original 1910 edition.

Brand-new illustrations by Julie Streeter bring to life this classic text, which served as an inspiration for the Blue Knights boys clubs.