Therese, Faustina, and Bernadette by Elizabeth Ficocelli

Therese, Faustina, and Bernadette by Elizabeth Ficocelli

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Three Saints Who Challenged My Faith, Gave Me Hope, and Taught Me How to Love
By Elizabeth Ficocelli
Softcover - 172 pp

In this powerful Catholic book, author, speaker, and retreat leader Elizabeth Ficocelli introduces her readers to three remarkable women saints who became not only her role models, but also her life-changing friends. Thrse, Faustina, and Bernadette taught Ficocelli about faith, hope, and love, and showed her what true Catholic womanhood looks like.

Some of the best saint stories are not about wonder-workers, but rather the everyday saintsfriends who understand the challenges of marriage and motherhood and the banalities of day-to-day life. Bestselling author Elizabeth Ficocelli discovered three such friends in Thrse of Lisieux, Faustina of the Divine Mercy, and Bernadette of Lourdes. The witness of their lives moved Ficocelli to cultivate the virtues of faith, hope, and love as she journeyed from a successful career as a marketing executive to what she found was a more authentic, even counter-cultural Catholic womanhood. Ficocelli offers women the wisdom of these saints for their own spiritual journeys. Add to your cart or wish list above.