Traditional Mass for Children DVD

Traditional Mass for Children DVD

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By Pro Multis Media
53 Minutes

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the central act of Catholic worship.  Therefore, it should be well understood and appreciated by all the faithful.  Yet it has always seemed a formidable task to explain it, especially to children, because there is so much involvedlanguage, ritual, action, symbolism, vestments, and everything else that goes to make the Traditional Latin Mass a Heaven-inspired ceremony.

Writing in the 1920s, Fr. Kelly possessed a gift for approaching the mind and heart of the child that allowed him to present the sublime mysteries of the Mass in a most appealing way. With simple language and compelling stories, his booklet simplified all necessary explanations and made the Holy Sacrifice better known and better loved by Catholic children.

This DVD is based on Fr. Kelly's booklet and is a fabulous resource for educators and or parents alike! Place into the cart or wish list above.