Tweeting with God by Michel Remery

Tweeting with God by Michel Remery

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#Big Bang, Prayer, Bible, Sex, Crusades, Sin, Career...
Author: Michel Remery
Softcover - 432pp

If you are curious, you ask questions - even about difficult topics. Can Catholic teaching provide answers relevant to your life today? In this Catholic book you will find 200 daring questions from young people about #God, faith, prayer and morality. Fr. Michel Remery thoughtfully answers them all in Tweets of 140 characters or less, and provides expanded explanations based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Bible.

He shows how faith is logical, even in the 21st century! He introduces you to Jesus, shows you how to pray, and explains the sacraments. He explores some of the more difficult chapters of Church history, and helps you to discover what it means to live a good and purposeful life. Add to the cart or wish list above.

This book is ideal for:
young men and women who are curious about the Catholic faith
new Catholics and current catechumens
anyone who wants to share his faith or freshen up his knowledge of the faith
those who want to speak with others about the faith