Villains of the Early Church by Mike Aquilina

Villains of the Early Church by Mike Aquilina

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Villains of the Early Church
How They Made Us Better Christians
By Mike Aquilina

Without Judas, our Lord Jesus wouldn't have been scourged, nor crowned with thorns, and would not have been crucified. Sounds good, right? But without the Crucifixion there would be no redemption, and no Easter. No forgiveness of sins, no mercy flowing from the pierced Heart of Christ. As part of God's Divine Providence, he uses even the most wicked of acts to bring about our greatest good and salvation. Within this Catholic book, you'll better understand how the villains of the early Church, beginning with Judas, ended up making the faithful smarter, love God more, and rise to be heroes of the faith. There are still villains among us today, and this book will also help you discover how to keep even good humor through trials and opposition.

Hardcover, 172 pages.
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