Voice of Peace CD

Voice of Peace CD

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By Friar Alessandro

Following his critically acclaimed albums "Voice of Assisi" and "Voice of Joy", Friar Alessandro presents his beautiful new album "Voice of Peace", with a universal message of spreading harmony throughout the world.

Despite not being a professional singer, Friar Alessandro has a fantastic natural tenor voice and an unstoppable passion for music. The majority of his performances are singing for charity in churches and auditoriums.

This album includes songs in five languages; Latin, Italian, English, French and German, with famous melodies taken from popular and classical music repertoire, including a brand new text written by the Friar for Albinonis Adagio.

Also on the album are Santo Francesco, a song full of emotion, which has hardly ever been recorded before, and is linked to the Franciscan order to which the Friar belongs and Gounods Ave Maria, performed with Bach piano specialist Ramin Bahrami. Add this to your collection of fine Catholic music, place into the cart or wish list above.