We are the Lord's by Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD

We are the Lord's by Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD

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We are the Lord's
A Catholic Guide to Difficult End-of-Life Questions
By Father Jeffrey Kirby

While no one likes to consider death and dying, neglecting this key aspect of our Christian faith can mean not being ready for it, either as a patient or a loved one. In this Catholic book, Father explains a variety of scenarios that often come with conversations about death, but also provides rich descriptions of the Church's teachings about the level of care needed, or not needed, in various situations. Part handy reference guide, part spiritual guidance, this a useful, supportive Catholic book.

Topics considered include:
- What is the difference between medical care vs medical treatment?
- Are pain medications OK, and how much?
- What should I do if a loved one refuses food and drink?
- What should one do if a medical professional is pressuring a person to choose something morally objectionable?
- Is a breathing tube deemed extraordinary care? How about a feeding tube?
- How do I handle a DNR? and more.

Softcover, 79 pages
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