Western Culture by Joseph Ratzinger Benedict XVI

Western Culture by Joseph Ratzinger Benedict XVI

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Western Culture Today and Tomorrow, Addressing the Fundamental Issues
By Joseph Ratzinger Benedict XVI
Foreward by George Weigel

This insightful Catholic book was written just before his, Ratzinger's, elevation to the Chair of Saint Peter and is filled with commentary and astute observations not only of Europe, but the broader concept known as The West. Jerusalem, Athens and Rome form the three foundational stones upon which Western civilization was built. In what way? And what happens when one of those pillars is challenged or discarded? Collapse. In here you'll discover why maintaining a political world built on biblical teachings and Catholic theology is key to saving Western culture.

Also included is an essay written by Pope Emeritus about the priestly abuse scandal; why he believes it happened and what the way forward may be for the faithful, the clergy and the Church as a whole.

Softcover, 170 pages
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