White Satin Infant of Prague Vestment

White Satin Infant of Prague Vestment

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(For 9" Statue)
Measures approx. 6"-6.5" from shoulder to bottom of base.

Dress your little Infant of Prague with this quality gown made with satin and lace trim! The practice of devotion to the holy infant of Prague began in Spain and soon spread throughout all of Europe. Changing the gown with the liturgical season is a beautiful and holy way to focus on the mysteries of the feasts of Jesus Christ!

Green: Ordinary Time
Purple: Advent and Lent
White: Feasts, Solemnities and Easter
Red: Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Pentecost and Martyrs
Gold: Can be used in place of white.
Blue: Often used in place of purple.
Pink: Gaudete Sunday