Who Is Jesus? by Gaelle Tertrais and Adeline Avril

Who Is Jesus? by Gaelle Tertrais and Adeline Avril

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Who Is Jesus?
His Life, His Land, His Time
By Gaelle Tertrais and Adeline Avril

In this beautifully illustrated Catholic book, young readers will discover the life of our Lord Jesus and the world context in which He came to live among us. Beginning with an explanation of the people of Israel, Moses and Law, the Prophets and the Babylonian exile, moving into the times of the Roman Empire, His holy birth and how He himself lived the Law of Moses. From there discover the moment of Jesus' baptism by John, how Our Lord lived everyday life with the Holy Family, the calling of the first disciples including the first women called to follow Jesus!

Also included are:

- The Miracles of Jesus and spectacular healings.
- Jesus' last days, the Passover, Last Supper, arest, trial, crucifixion, resurrection and glorification.

Each chapter is filled with historical facts and readings for youth to better know the life and times of Christ.

Softcover, 93 pages.
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