With Christ edited by Dom Raymund Thilbaut

With Christ edited by Dom Raymund Thilbaut

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An Anthology of the Writings of Blessed Columba Marmion
Edited by: Dom Raymund Thibaut
Softcover - 242 pp

"With Christ" is an anthology of writings from Blessed Marmion focused on the theme of suffering and sharing in the Passion of Our Lord. In the words of the editor of this volume, Dom Raymund Thibaut,

It is most important to know how to accept suffering; and surely the supreme work of mercy is that difficult science, that delicate art, of teaching men to carry their cross. Not everyone can excel in this art or teach this exalted science effectively, but only he who has a great heart and the supernatural experience of sorrow.

Wholly surrendered to the love of Christ, he wanted only to give Christ to souls and souls to Christ. We must contemplate Jesus, Blessed Marmion wrote, He is God revealing Himself to us. Through a humble faith in Him we have the solution to all our difficulties.

A Catholic book to be read especially during the great penitential seasons of the liturgical year, and in times of temptation, trial, and losshere are words that can restore or strengthen confidence, bestow peace, and stabilize the soul in the supreme security of abandonment to God. Add to your cart or wish list above.