Wonder Mary Women's T-Shirt

Wonder Mary Women's T-Shirt

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Wonder Mary Women's T-Shirt
Catholic Clothing and Messagewear Cut for Women!

Superheroes can be exciting and inspirational. But nothing beats the real world heroes and heroines that live among us. The Blessed Virgin Mary is she who undid the disobedience of Eve with her, "Fiat" Her, "Yes." to God and His will. She lived a life of perfect conformity to God, and grew in perfection every moment, every day. She reigns now as the Queen of Heaven, united with her son Jesus Christ for all eternity. And she has the power to crush the head of the ancient enemy. How much more wonderful can it get? Ladies, you have your wonder woman right here, in Mary's example of a life of faith!

V Neck collar, and available in women's sizes small through double* extra large.
*Please note the additional charge for double sizes.
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