Year of Mercy Companion

Year of Mercy Companion

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Softcover - 448pp

A comprehensive page-a-day booklet to help you encounter and share the Fathers mercy.

Each day of the week, a different way to experience and live the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy:

- Poetry that helps you contemplate the miracle of mercy (Sundays)
- Meditations from saints and spiritual masters who share their profound insights into this divine gift (Mondays)
- Profiles of saints whose lives exemplify extraordinary witness to mercy (Tuesdays)
- Teachings of the Catholic Church that explain and highlight this virtue (Wednesdays)
- Stories and testimonies of people who have chosen the path of mercy, including non-canonized faithful, literary figures, and victims of tragedy (Thursdays)
- Reflections on essential Scripture passages that reveal Gods merciful nature (Fridays)
- Devotions and prayers that draw us closer to Gods merciful heart (Saturdays)

A practical way for individuals, families, and parishes to walk with the Church in this year-long celebration. And an excellent resource to encourage ongoing conversion and fruitful discussions at home, in parish groups, in schools, and in RCIA! Add to the cart or wish list above.