A Holy Year in Rome

A Holy Year in Rome by Joan Lewis

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The Complete Pilgrims Guide for the Jubilee of Mercy
By Joan Lewis
Softcover / 248pp

It's a rare privilege to live during a Jubilee Year. Indeed, only 30 such Holy Years have occurred in the 700 years since Pope Boniface VIII announced the first in 1300. In this definitive guide, EWTN's Rome Correspondent, Joan Lewis, takes you back in time for a look at the history of Jubilees.

In this Catholic book, the author takes you through history and into the present Year of Mercy with a visual visit to the seven pilgrim basilicas of Rome, four of which must be visited to obtatin a Holy Year indulgence. Uncover facts about the faith like the difference between a church and a basilica, the signifigance of the Holy Doors, the customs unique to the Jubliess of Mercy and how to obtain an indulgence! This and so much more! Place into the cart or wish list above.