Christopher Large Patron Saint Medal

Christopher Large Patron Saint Medal

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Saint Christopher
Quarter Sized Patron Saint Medal*

Celebrate your special saint with a large sized patron medal in your choice of 14kt gold or sterling silver. Christopher is known as Christ-bearer because he carried a small Child across a stream and the weight of the Child was almost unbearable. Arriving on the other side, the Child revealed himself as Christ and explained that he was so heavy because he bore the weight of the world on himself. Christopher is one of the fourteen holy helpers. Patron of travelers, motorists, holy death, Bus and cab drivers, epilepsy, hailstorms and lightning, sudden death. Feast day: July 25th

*Available in 14kt gold** or sterling silver.
**Please note that gold pieces are special order items and will take additional time. Also, gold items are unable to be returned, exchanged or cancelled.
No chain with the 14kt gold, 24" stainless steel endless chain with sterling silver.
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