I Do - Keys to a Happy Marriage DVD

I Do - Keys to a Happy Marriage DVD

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2 DVD Set - 144 Minutes
Language options: English and Spanish

Addressed to all those aiming to marry in the Catholic Church, and to those already married who aspire to stay so. With an original approach and attractive images, these documentaries feature the experiences and advice of over 30 experts from five continents bringing together the skills of psychiatry, psychology, gynecology, theology, canon law, and matrimonial ethics. Add to your cart or wish list above.

Disc one: Do you know your partner? , Relationships without sex? , Marriage; What for? , Can love die? , What is the role of the sacrament? , The Wedding; More than just a party?

Disc two: How do spouses love? , How many kids? , How well do we understand each other? , What dangers lie in wait? , Can there be happiness without values? , How should we educate our children?