Jonah and the Whale Plush Figure

Jonah and the Whale Plush Figure

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Measures 12" x 7" x 9"

God gave Jonah a very important job,
but Jonah did not want to do it.
He tried to run, but he could not hide.
God sent a big fish to teach Jonah a lesson! (Jonah 1-4)

Children can make this story come to life with this cuddly, soft play set. Set includes a 7" plush Jonah and a 12" plush whale with zipper. Jonah fits in whale's mouth!

The biblical story of Jonah is a classic among Christians and serves to show that fulfilling God's will is something that all creatures, men and and animals alike, should strive for in their day to day lives! Add this fun plush toy to your cart or wish list above.