Joseph's Way by Devin Schadt

Joseph's Way by Devin Schadt

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The Call to Fatherly Greatness
Prayer of Faith - 80 Days to Unlocking Your Power as a Father
By Devin Schadt
Softcover - 343 pp

This powerful Catholic book contains the authors reflections regarding how men of the Catholic faith can and should imitate St. Joseph and his role in the Holy Family. Touches on some social issues regarding fatherhood and marriage, but primarily is a devotional guide to aid men in fulfilling their calling from God to be fathers! Add to your cart or wish list above.

Some of the daily titles include:
Day 1: Fatherhood diminished
Day 2: The allegory of fatherhood
Day 3: Light of Patriarchs
Day 10: The listening heart of Abraham
Day 17: Obedience; Proof of faith
Day 69: Establishing the domestic church